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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

If you are the one who is always audio & visual keen, it’s possible that you find yourself dreaming about buying and using the long run home theater. A cinema promising very good audio-visual quality, relaxing seating and impressive décor will set your mood. What your TV would display your much-loved movie scenes? What sound quality your TV would produce? What seat would allow you to relax and watch the movie? Everything easily becomes a failure in front of the home theater system your purchase. And the budget factor should be of no distress. Here is the list of all that you need to establish a complete home theater for you from Home2decor

The display- If you want to have an amazing experience of movie watching at your home, you should look at “C SEED 262”, the world’s biggest 4K widescreen TV. You will get a better visual experience that you never had found in cinema halls. In addition to that, it provides a world record-sized screen, big 262”. This display is well equipped with 2 surround sound configurations- 9.1 and 7.1 respectively. Also, it is equipped with UHD technology with 800 unit brightness. To safeguard, motorized fabric covers the screen. Therefore it’s the luxurious display you can have.

The speakers- Obviously, you feel more excited and encourage towards watching your more wanted movie particularly when you experience amazing sound quality. With “AMINA LOUDSPEAKERS”, you will, experience true theater sound without disturbing the home atmosphere. The speakers are crafted in such a manner that those can be fitted into the wall under just a thin plaster layer so they become invisible completely. The best thing is that with this amazing sound solution you easily hear every word spoken quietly. In fact, with these speakers, your action movies will become action-packed and scary ones will become scarier respectively.

The seats- No one like you want to sit on the uncomfortable seat until the movie gets over. Of course, to enjoy every scene of the movie you will want to have the ultimate seat doesn’t matter whether watching at your home. “ROW ONE” evolution provides leather and medium solidity foam seat and your body will be adapted and you will get all support you need. With LED light equipped and cup holder, you can choose to buy this one.

The media player- If you spare an impressive sum of funds to buy a screen but don’t spare a good amount on buying a media player, you will spoil your movie-watching experience. The “OPPO UDP-205” media player featuring high dynamic range and 4K viewing will affect video quality very well. It’s a dream choice for audiophiles with greater fidelity audio show. Having a classy hitherto simple design, it will perfectly match with your home theater set.

The snack- Always moving watching experience will be incomplete if you compromise with eating favorite snacks. “POPCORN NOSTALGIA 1911 POPPER” is one of the best pieces to add. It pops the popcorn you always like to have while watching the movie.

Finale- To have a complete set of long-run home theater will allow you to enjoy the movie at any time without moving out in heavy rainfall or hot sunny day.

To have a complete set of long-run home theater will allow you to enjoy the movie at any time without moving out in heavy rainfall or hot sunny day.

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